Vendor Rules and Regulations

Welcome vendors!

We’re trying to make things as smooth as possible this year. Please take a moment to read over these simple rules and guidelines for vending at TORGSummit 2016.

**By purchasing tables, you agree to the following**

1. You must use tables provided by TORGSummit/Hilton Easton.

You may use extra shelving/displays, but they must be contained within the area of your tables.

If you need more room, contact TORGSummit Staff.

Anyone caught using more tables than paid for will be asked to pay for the extra tables, remove the extra tables, or be removed from the event.
No props, displays, or signage is provided by us.

2. There should be no flipping happening between vendors.

You are allowed to trade/buy at the event with others, but vendors should not be out looking to purchase goods from other vendors with intent to resell at TORGSummit.

3. The Hilton Easton does not permit outside food. Please keep your drinks sealed and food to a minimum. There is in-hotel restaurants and food. Or, go enjoy some of the local food around the convention area.

4. Boxing tables if your purchase multiples is preferred. It saves room for more vendors. If you have 3+ tables connected end to end, you may be asked to box your setup if room gets tight.

5. TORGSummit Staff and Founders are not responsible for loss or damage to property during TORGSummit. This includes the event area and parking lots. Please mind your booths and take proper measures to lock up personal belongings.

6. Keep your area clean!. Please clean up any mess you make in your area and Please leave your area clean when you leave.

7. Subletting your tables is not allowed. You may only sell at a table you paid for. If last minute tables are needed, contact TORGSummit Staff

8. Please keep noise at a respectful level. This includes any TVs and Radios.

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